SXSW 2018: The Loneliness Epidemic

The world is being gripped by a "loneliness epidemic". And so it made sense that the meta-trends this year at SXSW was that of human connection. With the rise of connectedness through technology, the need for play, escape and real experience, away from a screen has grown. Despite having more access to each other, we are feeling lonelier than ever [...]

The Silo Effect

THE SILO EFFECT The title of Gillian Tett’s, ‘The Silo Effect’, might seem to fall into every business buzzword cliché, but you would be misled in your assumption. Tett’s aim is not to add “silo” to the corporate glossary of “disruption”, “strategy” and more. In fact, perhaps with perfect irony, she wrote ‘The Silo Effect’ with the aim of breaking [...]

Should We Leave It To The Experts?

How ‘Experts’ are Preventing Innovation The 'Experts' in the Workplace If you’ve ever had a conversation with someone who is at the top of their field, then you’ve probably found yourself always agreeing with them. You have accepted that you probably shouldn’t argue because “they’re the expert”. However, research from the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology finds that our attitude [...]

Seeing The Wall… And Getting Over It

NEVER LOSE CHILDLIKE WONDER BREAKTHROUGH THINKING After a terminal diagnosis, Randy Pausch, an American Professor at Carnegie Mellon who died in July 2008, gave a farewell “Last Lecture”. The speech entitled; “Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams”, quickly went viral. Pausch recounts his own experiences, particularly his journey towards working at Walt Disney's Imagineering. He wanted to inspire others to transform [...]

Taking Action To Make It Happen

Why do great ideas often come to nothing? How can you turn Magical Thinking into Heroic Action? "The first step is to establish that something is possible; then probability will occur." - Elon Musk We live in a world where it is increasingly difficult to be surprised. It is normal to fly halfway across the globe in one trip, old [...]

The Power Of Intentional Thinking

INTENTIONAL THINKING THE POWER OF MAGICAL THINKING AND HEROIC ACTION No company leaders want a cynic in their team. This is the case for start-ups and multinational organisations alike. It only takes just one employee exhibiting cynical and resigned thinking to cause the whole of an organisation to overlook opportunities and adopt pessimism. James Proud, a 23-year-old CEO in Silicon [...]