Stripping Back Unconscious Bias for Powerful, Efficient Decision-Making

In this blog we delve into the physiological effects of Unconscious Bias, recognising your own biases and why these matter. As you read on, reflect for yourself as we guide you through how to overcome these effects. Gain greater control of your own decision-making.  Why is this important? Our unconscious brain processes information up to 200,000 faster than the conscious [...]

Why Slow is the New Fast

By Zannah Ryabchuk, Breakthrough Managing Director There is a paradox at the heart of consistent high performance. Sometimes we have to go slow to go fast, we have to empty our minds to create the space to think, create, invent, solve. We hear every day from our Breakthrough Community that life is overly hectic, busy-being-busy, and emotionally and physically draining, [...]

Embrace Unprecedented Change with Breakthrough Mindset

Change is a fact of life and nowhere more challenging than in the business world. Our mindset determines our ability to respond to change.   Change is accelerating, even as you read these words! We now live in unprecedented times and the time horizon of certainty is getting shorter and shorter. New initiatives, opportunities, and areas for growth are exciting moments, [...]

The answer to large goals? Small habits

Goals help to define a company's purpose and achieve its objectives. We use them to maximise growth and distinguish ourselves from our competitors. However, more so than ever, we are realising that planning into the future comes with an element of illusion. We can never anticipate what factors may come into play or what obstacles might present themselves. In order [...]

How To Be Full On At Work & At Home

We already know that it’s challenging to avoid taking work home with you. Our devices mean that we are working longer, answering emails at evenings and working on reports at weekends. Right now, more than ever, we risk slipping into a work-life fluidity where our days and spaces blend together that can make it hard to relax and fully recharge [...]