Are you feeling frustrated? Are you and people in your team unable to show up as your best selves? Do you often feel tired, uninspired, unmotivated or stuck in your professional or personal life?

If your answer to any of these questions is yes, you need to change something. You need a new start. You need a holistic transformation.

Transformation is a change that persists. Once you transform something, it won’t go back to its original state. By going through a holistic transformation, you instil in yourself, and your employees a state of physical, psychological and spiritual balance. Thinking holistically means recognising every individual as a whole person.


At Breakthrough, we don’t just work towards our clients’ business growth. Transforming business culture to achieve accelerated results means transforming the workforce in a holistic way.

We encourage people to reflect and train themselves to recognise vital business and personal insights to gain clarity and focus. Holistic transformation means practising daily activities that will nurture the body and mind of an individual. A healthy workforce is at the core of any successful business – people are less stressed, take fewer sick days, and have more vitality and enthusiasm.


We use Mind-Body Connection (breathing, stretching & light exercise) as part of our Breakthrough Process. We promote meditation and visualisation techniques, exercise, and healthy eating to generate high energy from our participants. Our clients become more aware of their emotional, mental and physical states. As a result, they generate key insights and actions that not only improve workplace culture but also positively impacts their personal lives.  At Breakthrough, we believe that it is important to look at an individual as a whole – because personal growth drives business growth.

At the end of our Programme, we want to have achieved total business transformation for our client partners.  This also means transforming people’s lifestyles and work habits.

Start your holistic transformation by establishing where you are now and where you want to be. Think of small changes that you can introduce to your team, work and home to maximise clarity, energy and output. To make the small changes last, always take them one degree at a time.

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