In July 2014, Breakthrough Global was contacted by Musgrave Group’s CEO, Chris Martin. Chris was passionate about transforming and turning the business and Musgrave leadership team around following the recession and declining market share as a result of competitor pressure. He wanted rapid, sustainable growth that would secure the future of the heritage family business.

Many areas were not delivering, particularly the failing GB Business. Musgrave’s business units were siloed, with teams experiencing low self-belief and a low-energy culture.


In February 2015, Musgrave decided to follow the 3 Wave Breakthrough Approach. The outcome of this intervention was to align a divided team, give them new ways of working and provide fresh eyes to look at the business and find opportunities to grow.


Following and Exec Intensive, in April 2015 the Top 50 Leadership team began their Wave 1 Programmes, consisting of on-going Leadership Intensive & Accelerator Programmes. Breakthrough aligned the Exec on their visions for the future by challenging them to identify their current self-limiting beliefs that would prevent the business from growing. Having started to shift the team’s mindset, Breakthrough then provided the space for the team to think Magically and set their visions for the future.

These were to:

  • Inspire an organisation of entrepreneurs and innovative teams that embrace positive risk-taking and challenge the way it has always been.
  • Live the value of a family brand – be leaders in Healthy and environmentally & socially conscious enterprises and brands.
  • Replace short-term thinking and fire-fighting behaviour with future-focussed thinking.
  • Be decisive over the decision for GB.
  • Ensure rebrands like Super Quin to SuperValu strengthen the brand.
  • Turn NI’s divisions around, merging MRPINI & Wholesale NI.
  • Develop the people of Musgrave – both customers and employees.


Over the past 3 years, we have cascaded, and still continue to cascade, Wave 2 Business & Retailer Intensives to the wider leaders and owners of the business.

These activate the business’ strategy and promote innovation as a standard across the organisation. As a result, every individual is empowered to take ownership of their role in Growing Good Business.


Cultural Transformation has been embraced across the organisation, with Wave 3 reaching a critical mass of Associates via Tools Programmes & the Tools Technology Transfer Programme (T3).

As of April 2017, Breakthrough had reached 5,000 Associates who attended our Programmes and the internally led T3 Workshops. This number continues to grow.


From the Exec down, Musgrave associates have achieved a greater sense of alignment, purpose, and clarity of their outcome as one company. Following the Leadership Intensive, the decision to sell GB was finally determined after months of hesitation. This marked a turning point for the organisation and focused the leadership towards growth and the future.

These Programmes generated profound culture transformation across Musgrave’s leadership team. There was a Full-On attitude, alignment and future-focus back in the business. The Programmes helped the teams to regain their confidence and pride, enabling them to draw a line in the sand following the period of decline.

As a result of their new Breakthrough culture, Musgrave have seen 3 consecutive years of 9% year-on-year profit growth, and innovation in the business well beyond their initia­­l expectations in 2015.

Despite on-going food deflation, Musgrave’s mindset shift has ensured innovation across the entire business has continued. Musgrave have transformed from being a task-oriented organisation that was unable to see beyond the next 3 months. Now, the company uses a compelling 2025 vision to lead and unite their divisions. Breakthrough’s influence has ensured that Musgrave leads their market in innovation, health & wellbeing, digital and environmental awareness.


  • Having struggled in wake of the recession, Musgrave’s GB business was failing.
  • In 2014 alone, the almost 2000 Londis and Budgens stores in the GB business had made a turnover lossof £7.4 million.
  • After months of hesitation, Breakthrough’s first Programme with the Musgrave Leadership Team enabled frank conversations around the future of the division.
  • The decision was made to sell the business to UK Wholesale retailer, Booker.
  • Taking decisive action meant that Musgrave Leadership Team was able to focus on developing its strong share in the ROI, NI and Spanish markets.



  • Experienced record sales levels in 2016 at EUROS2.67 billion
  • The anticipated 0.5% growth target set in 2015 was outperformed as sales have
  • increased by 2.4%
  • Growth to 2.7 million customers every week


  • Revamped 54 new stores ready for continued growth into 2018
  • Successful integration of in-store digital experience with their shopping app
  • Awarded the Green Retailer of the Year at the Ulster Grocers Marketing Awards


Musgrave has made the commitment to ensure that by 2025:

  • 100% of their packaging will be recyclable, reusable or compostable
  • 100% of energy to all facilities will be green
  • 115 tonnes of fresh food will be donated to charities across the island of Ireland


  • Supporting local enterprises the creation of Musgrave’s Food Academy
  • Winners of European Business Awards for Stewardship as a result of their growth and contribution to customer wellbeing and environmental sustainability

To date, Musgrave’s use, development, and engagement with Breakthrough has been one of our most successful Culture Transformation programmes over the past 25 years.

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