CSR Resources Sustainability

Sustainability in Business

I am delighted to have been invited by CSR Resources to act as one of their Sustainability Experts.  Sustainability in the business world is something that I and my company Breakthrough Global are currently connected to in three key ways.  At the start of 2014, I find myself involved in three striking areas that demonstrate the gradual transformation of attitudes and actions towards sustainability in the corporate world.  I would like to share with you these three areas of my life and what they represent for the future of corporate sustainability.

1 Degree Shift

At a recent meeting I attended in my role as a Board Member of Ocean Health, we discussed the rise of sustainability reporting by corporations.  The development and appetite for The CERES Roadmap for Sustainability, TSC Sustainability Consortium, and the ESG Sustainability Reports and Conferences, mark a shift in organisations’ approaches to sustainability.

This shift was clearly demonstrated at the Echochem conference in November 2013, the first ever sustainability conference for the Chemical Industry.  I delivered two keynotes and a workshop as part of a transformation drive to show the companies the pathway towards sustainable futures.

Opportunity for Transformation

The Breakthrough Group transforms businesses.  As the CEO and Founder of the company, I am used to working with companies’ cultures to grow the people and the business.  Recently, we have been working with a large energy provider in Europe to shift their trajectory from 85% non-renewable, 25% renewable system towards an 85% renewable and 25% fossil fuel reality by 2020.

Watch my interview with Conservation International to find out more.