After a terminal diagnosis, Randy Pausch, an American Professor at Carnegie Mellon who died in July 2008, gave a farewell “Last Lecture”. The speech entitled; “Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams”, quickly went viral.

Pausch recounts his own experiences, particularly his journey towards working at Walt Disney’s Imagineering. He wanted to inspire others to transform their goals into reality.

Children see their destination as if it were a reality. As a result, they act heroically, knowing that they can get there.

“Never lose the childlike wonder…Don’t complain, just work harder.” – Randy Pausch

Breakthrough helps companies achieve exactly that. We nurture people to think magically.

We lead you through a strategy building process to grow your ambition, remove blocks in the road and grow your people.

Obstacles that stand in the way of growth can be daunting, and seemingly impossible to overcome.

Breakthrough guide organisations through the actual and behavioural changes necessary to become more innovative and productive. The Breakthrough Approach enables companies to create powerful futures by regenerating themselves, their culture, their markets, their products and their brands through a holistic process.

We know it is only those that recognise the existence of a wall in the first place that give themselves the opportunity to grow as an organisation. Those who are unaware, or careless, will walk against it and get left behind.

Breakthrough facilitates the shaping of a strong team, that has the drive and power to get to the other side. We also install a solid strategy to keep them from falling along the journey.

Find out how we support our clients to harness the power of their childlike wonder and work hard to turn it into a reality.