The Jacobs Douwe Egberts (JDE) joint venture between D.E Master Blenders and Mondelez International in 2015 created the second largest coffee company in the world. Along with the financial and structural merger into the new company, it was vital that a new, unified and powerful Culture of Pride and Performance was established. A new culture with a new purpose, new values, new mission and vision, to build a business that accelerated sustainable growth – ultimately to become the number one global coffee company.

To achieve this ambition Breakthrough were approached by their CEO, Pierre Laubies, in 2015 to become JDE’s transformation and growth partners. Using our 3 Wave cascade approach, we worked together to create a new culture and sustain accelerated growth, and enhanced leadership capability, high performance, and enhanced associate engagement.


Since 2015, Breakthrough and JDE have continued to work together to successfully create a new business culture. Our Programmes have been cascaded globally by market and at times function; from JDE R&D. to JDE Russia, from JDE Australia, to JDE Brazil, reaching over 2,000 associates.

Breakthrough works with the Global Leadership Team via Wave 1 Leadership Intensive  & ongoing Accelerator Programmes.  The overarching aim was to build a new culture with the Breakthrough Tools, Ways of Working, and Behaviours, across the organisation, in order to work on and deliver the new JDE strategy.

To reach the direct reports and wider global JDE leaders community, Breakthrough delivered a series of Wave 2 Business Activation Intensive Programmes to activate the execution of the JDE Business Unit Value Creation Plans (VCPs).  The VCPs had been generated in the Leadership Intensive Programmes. Embedding Breakthrough Tools and Technologies, each Business Unit had its own set of outcomes that were aligned across the enterprise and ran alongside the company-wide outcome to accelerate growth with a Breakthrough Culture. To sustain and build transformational momentum with the next layer of the business, we continue to build Cultural Critical Mass across the organisation with Wave 3, via a series of Breakthrough Tools Programmes.  Building a on common Mindset, Language & Behaviour, these programmes enable participants to manage their mental, emotional, and physical states whilst driving high performance.


Wave 1’s Global Leadership Programme
Wave 2’s Business Activation


Wave 1’s Global Leadership Programme enabled individuals to overcome cultural obstacles and challenges, generating a new culture in a post-merger reality. This raised morale, engagement and commitment. Following the merger this programme empowered the Global Leadership Team to work together as a Line of One.

Wave 2’s Business Activation Intensives delivered:

  • A stronger leaders ecosystem that is truly driving the business to greater success with sharpened focus and clarity of purpose.
  • Raised levels of energy, performance, productivity, innovation and results.
  • Blueprints and roadmaps to activate and execute JDE’s varied aims and strategies, whilst building alignment across the organisation.
  • Cascaded and aligned the purpose, values & strategic pillars such as VCP, Cost & Cash Leadership, Recovering Growth and powerful clarity & commitment to the future vision for JDE.
  • An accelerated journey from current reality to desired future reality.

Wave 3’s Tools Programmes provided a common language and new ways of working by embedding Breakthrough across the wider organisation. It achieved critical mass to impact the whole organisation to raise energy, performance, productivity, innovation and results. Associates throughout the organisation are now clear about their individual and collective accountabilities and that they must Start with Themselves to execute their plan and deliver their results.