“Our Breakthrough experience was simply put, incredibly positive. A unique opportunity for our Leadership Team to come together, and take the time to both work on our business, but work on our leadership behaviors. It was a very thoughtful and organic program in how it built our trust and brought us together (while not having those feelings of being forced). Could not recommend the Breakthrough program more.”

– Patrick Degnan, SVP Ferrara

“One of the best personal and team development programs I have ever attended.”

– Mingo Ku, President North Asia BeautyHealth

“I went into the program with a resigned mindset. Within the first few hours, I was a believer! The Breakthrough team was so engaging and passionate. They encouraged many of us to stretch ourselves and our comfort zones which was amazing.”

– Sherri Kelley, Executive Director Estée Lauder

“Your wish is to accelerate your business and align your collaborators ? Easy answer: Breakthrough program.”

– Christopher Cance, GM France Puma France

“This was comfortably the best event of its kind I have been on. Typically, benefits start and end with networking with colleagues. This gave me real insight into myself and how people and teams tick and immediate things to change for the better. It also gave me endorsement of my current thinking in many areas”.

– Adam Jupp, Communications Director MAG

“This is the best business programme I have ever attended in my career because it creates a powerful destination for your business, an incredible new methodology to get there, with a team that has belief, passion and energy with unstoppable Intentionality.”

– Dimitri Panayotopoulos – Former CEO – P&G China

“Any Transformation Programme must be driven by new skills and behaviours. The Breakthrough Programme really gets the organisation to examine what is required and draws out the inspiration and energy of the team. It is truly inspirational and unlocks the potential from within.”

– Chris Martin – Former CEO – Musgrave

“Breakthrough is a highly energetic, inspirational and practical method to accommodate change in your organisation. After only 2,5 days I really have the feeling everybody agrees with the direction we’re taking.”

– Rembrandt Heerkens Thijssen, Director of Sourcing Ahold Delhaize CSE

“Breakthrough reminded me about the work life balance impact to professional and private success! A great program that is very actual in the current business and geopolitical context!”

– Khalil Toufik, Opex Director JDE Peets

“Once you’ve broken-through Breakthrough, you wonder why you didn’t operate this way before. Now I appreciate the tools available to help me make it happen, without breaking myself in the process, I feel far more equipped to deliver breakthrough performance, both personally and professionally.”

– James Richardson, FD Stansted Manchester Airports Group

“Thank you very much for giving us the Tools and the power to create a new New York agency. I enjoyed the process enormously and am in awe of your agility to inspire. This is such a rareand individual gift.”

– Bill Muirhead – Former – M&C Saatchi

“A holistic, inspirational reboot that aligns wellbeing and energy with practical tools and techniques, delivered to address real business issues. A great investment in both time and resource.”

– Jonathan Fowler COO, Stansted Manchester Airports Group

“Those 2.5 days I spend on the program were a very good investment of my time. Everything was relevant for me and after a few days behind the program I still coming back to the toolkit I have received revising them and thinking how to apply them in my current work environment. I have enrolled myself in a preparation program for running a marathon and I am a non sport person.”

– Adriana Bran, IT Director Ahold Delhaize CSE

“The Breakthrough programme was universally applauded as the best training and development programme ever delivered to us, across the business units. The approach was engaging and helped align the different divisions and focus on results.”

– Patrick Atkinson – CEO – Chadwicks

“I have attended many team building/alignment trainings in my 25 years of work. None come close to Breakthrough!”

– Rob DiPalma – Executive Director