In July 2014, Breakthrough Global was contacted by Musgrave Group’s CEO, Chris Martin. Chris was passionate about turning the business around following the recession and declining market share as a result of competitor pressure. He wanted rapid, sustainable growth that would secure the future of the heritage family business. Many areas were not delivering, particularly the failing GB Business. Musgrave’s business units were siloed, with teams carrying negative baggage, low self-belief, and a low-energy culture.

“This has been the most inspiring, life-changing programme that I have ever been on. I know it will result in significant positive change for our business.”

Musgrave Associate


In February 2015, Musgrave decided to follow the 3 Wave Breakthrough Approach. The outcome of this intervention was to align a divided team, give them new ways of working and provide fresh eyes to look at the business and find opportunities to grow.

  • Following and Exec Intensive, in April 2015 the Top 50 Leadership team began their Wave 1 Programmes, consisting of ongoing Leadership Intensive & Accelerator Programmes.
  • Over the past 3 years, we have cascaded, and still continue to cascade, Wave 2 Business & Retailer Intensives to the wider leaders and owners of the business.
  • Cultural Transformation has been embraced across the organisation, with Wave 3 reaching a critical mass of Associates via Tools Programmes & the Tools Technology Transfer Programme (T3).

As of April 2017, Breakthrough had touched 5,000 Associates whom attended our Programmes and the internally led T3 Workshops. This number continues to grow.




From the Exec down, associates have achieved a greater sense of alignment, purpose, and clarity of objectives. Following the Leadership Intensive, the decision to sell GB was finally determined after months of hesitation. This marked a turning point for the organisation and focused the leadership towards growth and the future.

These Programmes generated profound culture transformation across Musgrave’s leaders. There was a Full-On attitude, alignment and future-focus back in the business. The Programmes helped the teams to regain their confidence and pride, enabling them to draw a line in the sand following the period of decline.

A common language, mindset, behaviours and new ways of working continue to be embedded across the wider organisation as part of this on-going partnership. To date, their use, development, and engagement with Breakthrough has been one of our most successful Culture Transformation programmes over the past 25 years.