The Power Of Breakthrough By William “Beau” Wrigley, Jr.

Good leaders seek out every opportunity to inspire growth, energy and creativity among their people. It’s a formidable challenge given the myriad of factors at work today that stifle creative energy.  Fear of failure, time and cost pressures, and comfort with the status quo all erode a company’s ability to innovate. WHAT DOES IT TAKE TO CREATE A CULTURE OF [...]

Your Wake Up Call: How A Lack Of Sleep Is Negatively Impacting Your Career

THE IMPORTANCE OF A GOOD NIGHT’S SLEEP When was the last time you had a good night’s sleep? Have you ever experienced disrupted sleep when you are under stress or when travelling? It’s such a common problem that being sleep deprived can become the norm for us. I don’t want to alarm you but it’s time for a “wake-up call”. [...]

Corporate Innovation Trends At Web Summit 2019

This week our Director of Innovation, Kat Murray-Clark, attended the largest tech conference in the world, Web Summit. Over the course of the week, she gained insights on the future of corporate innovation and what we can learn from the latest tech trends. Here is the first of her two-part update written whilst at the event.  This week over 70,000 [...]

Web Summit 2019 Summary: Why Corporates Need To Stop Pretending They’re Purpose-driven

This week our Director of Innovation, Kat Murray-Clark, visited the Web Summit 2019 in Lisbon. This is the second of her two-part update on the event (click here for part one). She looks at how the theme of companies being ‘purpose-driven’ was treated by different speakers and gives her concluding remarks. On the second day of Web Summit 2019, speakers [...]

Breakthrough Recommended Reading List

BUSINESS BOOKS  RIDING THE BLUE TRAIN DR. BART SAYLE A groundbreaking management idea that has helped hundreds of companies transform their people and jumpstart their results. A simple but profound message: in order to build your business, you first need to build your people. Buy: LEADING CHANGE JOHN [...]

The Overload Crisis: 2 Key Actions To Avoid It

We know that life can get really busy and demanding, and many people don’t have the methods to cope. As a result, most of us are facing an overload crisis. Do you feel exhausted? Are your friends, family, or partner telling you to stop working too much? Do you regularly reflect and relax by yourself? If you haven’t addressed these [...]

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