Breakthrough Opportunity

In 2018, Coty partnered with Breakthrough to build a fresh, unified culture of high performance. Coty Luxury wanted to get on top of opportunities for growth in Skincare, expansion in Asia, product innovation and brand management and digital, to generate top line growth. Coty was experiencing a clash of cultures following their merger with P&G. Three distinct cultures had emerged and were misaligned.

“Breakthrough is the best corporate leadership program I have attended to date in my career. Imagine blending together a self help guru, management consultant, leadership coach, and sports trainer, and you get the magical juice that is Breakthrough.”

Mike Hewett

CFO ghd,

Coty Professional

Breakthrough Approach

Commissioned by Edgar Huber, President of Coty Luxury, Breakthrough supported and helped the division to achieve their post merger goals while simultaneously creating a new culture to set the foundation for their new future. Our intervention with the Luxury division was so successful that the Breakthrough methodology was then extended to other Coty divisions, including the senior leaders from Coty Professional, Coty R&D, Coty Supply Chain and Coty Consumer Beauty.

We tackled their concerns of clashing cultures by utilising our Wave One model across a variety of their different businesses to embed the new, unified Breakthrough culture. First, we delivered Executive Intensives to align their most senior leaders and to start their cultural transformation from the top. Secondly, we delivered Leaders Intensives to support an internal cascade of the new Coty-Breakthrough Culture, which was achieved by bringing together their top global leaders and brands including, including Gucci, Hugo Boss and Wella. Breakthrough then followed-through on transformation with Executive and Leaders
Accelerators, to strengthen, embed and sustain the transformation.

The Breakthrough experience, Programmes and Breakthrough Tools enabled Coty to overcome challenges such as fixed mindsets and ways of working. They embraced the Breakthrough Mindset which created a fresh culture to support their post-merger future. The divisions that worked with Breakthrough were also able to raise their performance during a time of disruption. In 2018 when we worked exclusively with Coty Luxury they grew by 6%, at a time when the Consumer Beauty Division had declined by 4%.

“This program is the most effective, simple and energizing team leadership program I have been through. It is highly impactful and easy to put in action.”

Riccardo Tavoletti

SVP Supply Chain

Breakthrough Results

Supply Chain

One of Coty’s most significant achievements with Breakthrough Global was their Supply Chain turnaround to overcome key breakdowns that were costing the company heavily in disruption and share price value. Through a series of Breakthrough Programmes with their Supply Chain they were able to help stabilise and turnaround the function, leading to massive gains for the company overall.

Coty Professional

Coty Luxury’s great performance driven by their Breakthrough Programmes led to our introduction to the Coty Professional division. This part of the business was heavily ex-P&G and had tough targets to meet. We were able to refresh and re-energise the teams and shift the cultural status quo. Breakthrough also worked extensively with their ghd business and continues to work with them on their explosive growth journey until today (2023).

Coty R&D
From the results we delivered from Coty Professional, Coty R&D decided to engage with Breakthrough with outstanding results. We were able to realign their team and get them through dramatic changes to their organisational structure, whilst acting as a sounding board for their most senior leaders.

“Best ever program to get a company into one direction and into a line of one…”

Mathias Herrleinal

Technical VP, Supply Chain